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    I was traveling through the area and ended up staying at the cahokia rv park. I've had some really bad neck and back problems for years and I finally decided to get chiropractic care. I googled chiropractor near me (cahokia Illinois - near St. Louis) and Dr. Hamiltons chiropractic and holistic services came up. I gave him a call and he worked me in that day. The first adjustment took a while as my body was in bad shape but I ended up going back two more times when I was in town and I had more and more relief each time. I could breathe better and my migraines went away. I couldn't recommend Dr. Hamilton enough. I would give him 10 stars if I could.

    Jonathan B.

    I started going to Dr. Hamilton for treatment of my migraines and pain that I was having. I feel amazing now and have had such relief that it has improved my quality of life significantly. His holistic services are great and so are his chiropractic services. I was a person who did not want to to chiropractic long ago, but Dr. Hamilton makes it such a comfortable experience that I am now a strong beliver of chiropractic.

    Shay S.


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