Laser Therapy

When you have pain, there are many forms of treatment that a chiropractor can use to provide relief. In addition to manual adjustments, nonsurgical decompression, and other complementary treatments, there is laser therapy. Laser therapy is a tried and tested method that is FDA approved for pain reduction. If you are living with pain, contact Dr. Derrick Hamilton at Hamilton Holistic Healthcare Services in Cahokia, IL, for an assessment and find out if laser therapy is right for you.


What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses a small laser that is handheld about one to two inches above the area to be treated. By moving it back and forth over the treatment area, the energy from the laser is directed into the area. It only takes about three to five minutes to perform this treatment. The treatment itself does not cause pain. It generates a warm, soothing feeling in the affected area. The treatments also reduce inflammation and increase the flow of blood to the area.

As the laser is used on the treatment area, the energy produced will increase your cellular metabolism. This allows your body to heal faster. It often takes as few as five or as many as fifteen treatments for you to get the maximum healing power from laser therapy.

Pain Reduction

When laser therapy is used along with other forms of chiropractic care such as nonsurgical decompression, it can increase pain reduction and help you to heal faster. Unlike many other pain relief methods that are used today, laser therapy comes with no risky side effects. It is often used in neuropathy care to ease the pain. The laser works to stimulate blood circulation in the painful areas.

Laser Therapy in Cahokia, IL

If you live in or around Cahokia, IL, and you’re suffering from pain caused by neuropathy or another medical condition, call Hamilton Holistic Healthcare Services today at (618) 857-8283. Dr. Derrick Hamilton will perform a thorough evaluation and develop a treatment plan that may involve laser therapy. The plan will not rely on pain medication or invasive procedures such as surgery. Laser therapy is a proven technique that has thousands of published studies verifying the safety and effectiveness of this pain treatment.


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