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Chiropractic medicine has been practiced for thousands of years to treat everything from tinnitus to joint pain. Unlike conventional medicine, chiropractic care targets the root cause of ailments rather than just masking the symptoms. At Hamilton Holistic Care, we are driven to make our patients healthy enough to reduce or eliminate their regular use of OTC and prescription pain medication. NSAIDs, Tylenol, and drugs for chronic pain often cause more health problems down the line than they solve. Your health and wellness are our top priority.

We have created a welcoming, relaxed office environment to put our patients at ease. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after your chiropractic treatment. Patients are encouraged to check our website for specials offered by Hamilton Holistic Care. The goal is to provide patients in Cahokia, IL, and the surrounding areas with quality chiropractic care that won't break the bank. Additionally, we offer neuropathy care, nonsurgical decompression, and laser therapy at affordable rates.

Health and Financial Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine

The reason why so many MDs downplay the power of chiropractic care? It's bad for business. Chiropractors challenge the biggest fallacy in modern medicine: that patients must return for a lifetime to remain well. Pain reduction should not require dozens of expensive doctor visits. Many patients of Hamilton Holistic Care find themselves feeling revitalized after receiving only a few treatments. Afterward, patients return for occasional maintenance visits. During maintenance visits, Dr. Hamilton will evaluate how your condition has changed or improved from your last visit. He takes a holistic approach to determine the treatment and types of activities that are best suited for your body. By following Dr. Hamilton's treatment plan at home, you may be able to go several years or longer without another major chiropractic adjustment! Patients ultimately save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on pricey specialist visits and expensive prescription medications.

A Caring Chiropractor Can Change Your Life

Dr. Derrick Hamilton chose to specialize in chiropractic care to make a positive impact. His background in community medicine in St. Louis, MO has given him experience treating patients from all walks of life. If you're tired of scheduling regular visits with your GP to address ailments that won't resolve, it's time to take the holistic approach to pain reduction. Hamilton Holistic Care can support you on your journey to wellness. We have helped hundreds of patients in Cahokia, IL and the surrounding areas shift from surviving to thriving. For more information on how we can assist you or to schedule an appointment, call us at (618) 857-8283. You may also request an appointment online.


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